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Ten Steps To Choose The Strongest CBD Vape For Cats (With Pictures)

The cost of Medicinal Cannabis products is not currently subsidised by the Commonwealth Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). If you are concerned about synthetic medications impacting the brain’s chemical production, CBD may be a great alternative. Another theory is that taking CBD allows our bodies’ naturally produced cannabinoids to stick around longer, prolonging the calming […]

Natural Pain Relief Mar, 2020

A CDC report from 2018 suggested that up to 20% of Americans suffered from chronic pain. You will often find Glucuronolactone in energy drinks, as it works well with caffeine to help improve performance, specifically including tasks that involve plenty of focus and attention. Thus, to continue with our Dinafem guide to responsible consumption and […]

Does CBD Make You Relaxed?

Here’s the reality: 40 million US adults, or over 18% of the entire US population, suffers from a type of anxiety disorder. Because CBD reduces inflammation, it has a profound effect on protecting the liver and neurons from damage and overload caused by alcohol. So it’s good to know what those changes are and how […]

Can CBD Help With Anxiety

22 Jul 2019 … Will I test positive on a drug test for THC if I’m using a CBD oil vape? Remember, hemp seed oil is all natural, and it’s perishable just like other natural products. Ingestible CBD products usually take over 30 minutes to begin working from my experience, since they must be digested […]